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How Do HVAC Appointment Setters Work?

Making and receiving calls are vital elements in maintaining an HVAC business. Think about the number of times that an HVAC business has received calls from customers to ask them to come over and take a look at their air conditioner, condenser, etc. Often times, the roles are reversed. HVAC businesses calling potential customers and businesses for appointments is also a relatively common way of generating leads and sales. 

If done correctly, appointment setting can be an excellent way of generating leads and sales. This is because of the two-way communication that is in play, allowing the prospective customer to buy the product or service they have expressed their interest in. 

There are multiple benefits of appointment setting for HVAC businesses. Take a look at our guide on what is appointment setting, how it works, and what benefits it can provide to HVAC businesses. 

What is Appointment Setting for HVAC Businesses?

Appointment setting refers to contacting leads and setting up an appointment for a sales meeting between the potential client and salesperson to discuss the company’s offerings. This method focuses on the HVAC business, becoming the first person to reach out and contact a potential client, rather than the other way around.

For an HVAC business, appointment setting can be a crucial way of growing clientele and finding more business opportunities. Appointment setting is done either by the sales staff or a specific person hired as an appointment setter or outsourced to a specialized company that handles it altogether. There are also software applications made specifically for appointment setting for HVAC businesses. 

If an individual is hired as an HVAC appointment setter, they must have excellent communication and people management skills. This is because they will be representing the company, and with the help of their communication skills a potential client might turn into a purchasing client. For that reason, appointment setting can often be considered a daunting yet crucial task. 

How do HVAC Appointment Setters Work?

Appointment setters spend most of their time on the phone contacting leads. Once they have spoken to potential clients, they then set a time for a meeting between the client and sales representative. 

HVAC appointment setters become the first point of contact with potential clients, and they do not necessarily have to sell the HVAC services to clients but rather encourage them to meet with sales representatives. Once they do that, they then mark calendars and manage the meetings for them. Though, this is not all there is to what an appointment setters does; here is a detailed look:

1. Build a List of Clients

Appointment setters must first and foremost build a strong list of potential clients that they have to contact. This list is based on multiple factors. Some of these factors include:

  • The type of businesses their HVAC Company wants to work with 
  • The type of customers they wish to target (such as homeowners, office owners, etc)
  • The type of decision-makers you want to speak to

2. Initiate the Sales Program

Once they have made this list of potential clients, HVAC appointment setters then begin with their sales program. The sales program involves what the script of the appointment setter will look like, which entails what they will say to the potential clients when they give them a call. It can be a solid script or a rough idea. Regardless, the script helps provide them with a plan that gives them direction to how the conversation should go.

The sales program also includes learning more about the potential clients and scrubbing the list of potential clients to find out which ones are more inclined to purchase, which ones will more likely require HVAC services, and so on. Doing so will require regularly calling the potential clients and reminding them that their HVAC company is the one they should contact if the need for HVAC services arises. 

3. Nurturing Leads Through Email Marketing

Another thing that HVAC appointment setters are responsible for is email marketing. They can either automate this process or do it themselves. Email marketing involves regularly sending out emails to subscribers and potential clients to get them to buy the HVAC Company’s services. It is also done to help the appointment setter build a stronger bond with the potential customer. 

Email marketing is a useful resource for appointment setters because they can provide potential customers with additional information about the HVAC business that they may require or have missed out on during the phone conversation. 

Besides that, some other duties of appointment setters include:

  • Call people to set up appointments for HVAC services
  • Initiate outbound marketing by advertising HVAC services to potential clients 
  • Designing sales materials

Final Words

Knowing how HVAC appointment setters works helps with understand how crucial appointment setting is in growing an HVAC business. Now that you do know, you might be wondering whether this is right for your business.

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